Clean Cuts Interactive is THRILLED to have wrapped another year of NBA2K with our friends at Visual Concepts 

This year for 2K24, we helped work on an all new beachside city, crafting immersive ambiences and layers of detailed audio to bring the world to life. Everything from recording walla, to creating SFX for the vehicles MP drives around the city. Our team, led by Cory Foley-Marsello, also mixed thousands of scenes that create the MyCareer story arc.  Check out the full case study below!

NBA 2K24

There was always something new and fun to design. So, as you explore this year’s awesome new features, keep your ears open for all the details we’ve added to create an immersive experience!

Clean Cuts installs its second Dolby Atmos mixing suite

Our new Dolby Atmos mixing suite now fully tuned up and sounding fantastic

Clean Cuts upgraded one of our 8 suites in our DC studio with Genelec monitors as a 7.1.4 Atmos configuration. If you’re unfamiliar with Dolby Atmos, it has the ability to create an immersive audio experience, with sound that moves and flows around you in three-dimensional space with its addition of ceiling speakers. That being said, listeners can enjoy a spatial experience on headphones as well.

While Dolby Atmos has long been associated with video projects…it’s in fact not just limited to visuals, opening up thrilling opportunities for podcasts and the like as well. The possibilities are limitless.

We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to experience Dolby Atmos firsthand in our newly installed room. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, we highly recommend that you do so.

Did You Know Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 includes 7 ear-level speakers, 1 subwoofer channel, and 4 overhead speakers

Click the link to check out the new Dolby Atmos mixing suite all the state of the art studios Clean Cuts has to offer.


Our Lady of Lourdes is a private Catholic school based in Bethesda, Maryland, serving pre-kindergarten through 8th grade. Gigawatt Group was approached by the school to design their new website, with the intended goal of making it look modern, mobile-friendly and user-centered.

Our team, led by Creative Director Jim McNulty, and Graphic Designer Yasmine Bouchlaghem, explored creative solutions to deliver an enhanced user experience for both the school’s faculty members and parents. The design process involved multiple phases from the discovery and user research to the creation of the prototypes and the website’s launch.

The team chose Squarespace as the hosting platform, based on its ease of use for future content authoring by the school administration, as well as its ability to integrate e-commerce into the site.  Gigawatt Group is a member of the Squarespace Circle partner program.

With both user experience and interface working hand-in-hand, the Gigawatt team was able to design a user-friendly and responsive website for the most optimal user experience, while still capturing the school’s culture, identity, and values.

“The team at Gigawatt was incredible. Their proactive, flexible and creative approach is wonderful. The results are fabulous.”
Principal, Our Lady of Lourdes

See the full case study at the link below.

Dolly & Dylan Join the Mix

Clean Cuts Completes DC Expansion, Adding Two New Suites

Clean Cuts is thrilled to announce the completion of our D.C. expansion! The two new suites, named after Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan, continue our long-standing tradition of theming suites after legendary artists and albums.

Acoustically designed by Clean Cuts President Paul Perret, and art directed by Cerebral Lounge creative director Giles D’Souza, the suites feature large recording booths that not only sound great, but look great too. Today’s increased options of acoustic fabrics allowed us to execute a really fun visual aesthetic.

The inspiration for the Bob Dylan suite came from the Milton Glaser designed poster that was included with the 1967 Greatest Hits album.

The Dolly Parton suite was inspired by her Jolene album. While the recording booth features Dolly’s favorite Smoky Mountains.

These rooms already feel like instant classics!

We can’t wait to share these rooms with you. Whether it be VO, ADR, game audio, podcast, audiobooks or Foley, come schedule your next session in our DC studios and experience these great new suites for yourself!

Gigawatt Group Sparks Holiday Rush

Redwood + Co.
A Social E-Commerce Success Story

Let’s light this candle!

Redwood + Co. is a Virginia candle company that was looking to identify and retarget customers on social media who had engaged solely through influencer marketing without visiting their own social media pages.

Our team, led by Senior Digital Strategist Orlando Trott, used our proprietary attribution framework, FOURCORE, to identify how the brand’s audience was engaging across various web properties.

Next, we implemented a content strategy focused on vertical video, to be uploaded across Instagram Reels and TikTok.

We then extracted key data points to optimize marketing initiatives both on and offline.

The results highlight Gigawatt Group’s ability to not only increase social engagement and brand visibility, but also execute a hands-on-keyboard approach to running a brand’s paid social across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok—driving conversions both online and in-store, and generating increased sales.

“Advertising with Gigawatt not only helped our online strategy but jump started our in person traffic with many of the customers mentioning the ads when engaging with team members. In addition, we truly felt many in person customers were coming from far and wide specifically to buy from Redwood + Co. and making a weekend of their trip here in the Shenandoah Valley. Through online marketing efforts, Redwood + Co. has become a destination.”
CHRISTOPHER WOOD, Co-Founder & CEO, Redwood + Co.

We invite you to explore the full case study on Gigawatt Group’s website .

Carlos Diggs Joins Three Seas

Three Seas, Inc., announced today the appointment of business development veteran Carlos Diggs to Director of Business Development, effective immediately. Mr. Diggs is an enterprise business development leader, who has vast expertise in spearheading innovation and leading high-performing teams that deliver transformational growth. Diggs will report to Brian Leonard, VP of Development.

Photo of Carlos Diggs“We are always looking for new ways to expand our business, and Carlos brings a different and fresh perspective to our development team. His many years of experience and the unique approach to reaching new clients make his arrival here a valuable and exciting addition to Three Seas,” said Brian Leonard.

As Director of Business Development, Diggs will expand the company’s new business strategies, field marketing, and channel partnership opportunities. Diggs is charged with advancing Three Seas’ position as a leading innovator of marketing and entertainment content creation for today’s most creativity-driven companies, organizations, agencies, and media outlets.

“I am extremely grateful to join an organization with so many award-winning videos, audio, and music production professionals,” said Diggs. “I am excited to promote Three Seas’ capabilities and achievements that have positioned them as the go-to-specialist for some familiar global brands such as Discovery Warner Bros., HBO, Walt Disney Companies, PBS, Netflix, NBA2K, McDonald’s, Audible, and many more. It’s no wonder why Three Seas has earned so many accolades over its three decades in business, including Grammy, Emmy, Addy, and Clio awards, to name a few.”

“We’re excited to add Carlos to the family. He has a real passion for our industry and a desire to help our clients solve tough business challenges. His positive energy will bring a fresh new perspective to our Development team.” Lee Konen, CEO of Three Seas.


Three Seas is an award-winning collection of creative boutiques with studios in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Our four sister companies (Clean CutsCerebral LoungeGigawatt Group, and Noise Distillery) comprise a passionate community of creative specialists who serve their clients by delivering powerful content, intelligent and innovative strategies, and stories that transform ideas and achieve results. Our experts specialize in creative strategy, visual storytelling, digital/social media marketing, podcasting and audio, sound design, and custom music for film, TV, advertising, streaming services, AAA video games, and more.

AMA Baltimore Chapter Awards Gigawatt, Howard Bank at 2020 MX Awards


“Howard Bank Cares” Campaign Earns Two MX Awards at AMA Baltimore Chapter’s 2020 Virtual Gala

Gigawatt Group is incredibly proud to announce the Baltimore Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) awarded our Howard Bank Cares Campaign with two awards at its 2020 Virtual Gala this evening!  The brand campaign earned Best New Brand Identity Campaign, and the print campaign won the Grand MX Runner Up for Campaign of the Year.

One of the things that makes Gigawatt unique is our ability to bring in our teammates from Clean Cuts, Cerebral Lounge and Noise Distillery to help maximize our clients’ budgets and produce engaging, effecting creative for all platforms. The print campaign was one part of a hyper-targeted, omni-channel brand campaign that involved the entire Three Seas family.

MX Awards

Of course, it’s always gratifying to have your work recognized by your peers; however, it’s even more special realizing that recognition means you’re helping your clients achieve their strategic goals.

A very special thanks to CEO Mary Ann Scully, SVP of Marketing Erica Starr, and the entire Howard Bank team for their continued partnership, and for entrusting us with their legacy.

Congratulations to the entire team!

– Jim

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Gigawatt Group Launches Howard Bank Campaign Featuring Remote Recording

Campaign Features Contributions from Every Three Seas Boutique

Gigawatt Group is proud to partner once again with our long-time client, Howard Bank, on their latest broadcast and digital marketing campaign. The campaign features Zoom interviews of current Howard Bank business banking clients, conducted by our creative director, Jim McNulty.

“This project really highlights our ability to continue providing creative solutions for our clients, even with pandemic restrictions still in place,” McNulty said.

Gigawatt was able to leverage the entire Three Seas portfolio on this campaign, with Lauren Schild and Ellie Kunzig from the Three Seas team establishing the work flow for testing and recording the virtual interviews, Cerebral Lounge’s Giles D’Souza designing the animation, and Jonathan Hodges handling the editing and color correction.  Harry Evans from Clean Cuts provided the sound design and mix that featured a custom Xplodr music pack created by Noise Distillery.

Gigawatt Group’s digital strategist, Orlando Trott, implemented a social media campaign that combines both organic and paid media, and features a combination of :15 and :30 commercials combined with extended-length digital content.  Each creative element drives to, a custom microsite developed by Gigawatt Group’s senior web developer, Amir Mishani.

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