Video Marketing for Law Firms

Video & Podcasts are becoming an important part of marketing strategies for law firms

First impressions matter!

Cinematic quality video and a professionally produced podcast can contribute to law firms’ marketing efforts in many ways, raising your visibility and notability while spotlighting the important factors that position your firm above the rest.

Last week, Three Seas sponsored the Legal Marketing Mid-Atlantic conference in Washington, DC. Our professionals at Cerebral Lounge, Clean Cuts, and Gigawatt Group are experts in connecting our clients with audiences in multiple ways by igniting an authentic emotional reaction from what they are seeing and hearing. Law firms can use video and podcasts as a powerful tool to say who you are:
your mission…

your people…

your culture…

your expertise…

and (most of all) your value.

When executed well, a brand video combined with partner profiles gives prospective clients a much more informed impression of your firm.  They also can be part of an effective talent acquisition strategy.

Podcasting provides an additional way for firms to demonstrate thought leadership, and creates a content engine for firms to provide regular engagement across social platforms.

Contact us now to learn more about how Three Seas can create compelling video and podcast content for your law firm that is informative, entertaining, impactful and effective.

Members of the legal marketing association are eligible to receive special rates on an introductory content package.

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Clean Cuts Interactive is THRILLED to have wrapped another year of NBA2K with our friends at Visual Concepts 

This year for 2K24, we helped work on an all new beachside city, crafting immersive ambiences and layers of detailed audio to bring the world to life. Everything from recording walla, to creating SFX for the vehicles MP drives around the city. Our team, led by Cory Foley-Marsello, also mixed thousands of scenes that create the MyCareer story arc.  Check out the full case study below!

NBA 2K24

There was always something new and fun to design. So, as you explore this year’s awesome new features, keep your ears open for all the details we’ve added to create an immersive experience!

Clean Cuts installs its second Dolby Atmos mixing suite

Our new Dolby Atmos mixing suite now fully tuned up and sounding fantastic

Clean Cuts upgraded one of our 8 suites in our DC studio with Genelec monitors as a 7.1.4 Atmos configuration. If you’re unfamiliar with Dolby Atmos, it has the ability to create an immersive audio experience, with sound that moves and flows around you in three-dimensional space with its addition of ceiling speakers. That being said, listeners can enjoy a spatial experience on headphones as well.

While Dolby Atmos has long been associated with video projects…it’s in fact not just limited to visuals, opening up thrilling opportunities for podcasts and the like as well. The possibilities are limitless.

We are excited to offer our clients the opportunity to experience Dolby Atmos firsthand in our newly installed room. If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, we highly recommend that you do so.

Did You Know Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 includes 7 ear-level speakers, 1 subwoofer channel, and 4 overhead speakers

Click the link to check out the new Dolby Atmos mixing suite all the state of the art studios Clean Cuts has to offer.

Dolly & Dylan Join the Mix

Clean Cuts Completes DC Expansion, Adding Two New Suites

Clean Cuts is thrilled to announce the completion of our D.C. expansion! The two new suites, named after Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan, continue our long-standing tradition of theming suites after legendary artists and albums.

Acoustically designed by Clean Cuts President Paul Perret, and art directed by Cerebral Lounge creative director Giles D’Souza, the suites feature large recording booths that not only sound great, but look great too. Today’s increased options of acoustic fabrics allowed us to execute a really fun visual aesthetic.

The inspiration for the Bob Dylan suite came from the Milton Glaser designed poster that was included with the 1967 Greatest Hits album.

The Dolly Parton suite was inspired by her Jolene album. While the recording booth features Dolly’s favorite Smoky Mountains.

These rooms already feel like instant classics!

We can’t wait to share these rooms with you. Whether it be VO, ADR, game audio, podcast, audiobooks or Foley, come schedule your next session in our DC studios and experience these great new suites for yourself!

A New Game Plan

The challenges of overcoming opioid use disorder

Rescue Agency and Three Seas embark on a mission to reach those struggling with an opioid use disorder to help break the vicious cycle

The visual experts at Three Seas, together with Rescue: The Behavior Change Agency, personify the struggle against opioid use disorder in “A New Game Plan.” This public service announcement is part of Rethink Recovery—a public education campaign in partnership between the Illinois Department of Human Services and Prevention First and Rescue Agency.

Too many people struggling with an opioid use disorder find themselves alone in a losing game,” laments the narrator in this 30-second PSA. “A New Game Plan” depicts this struggle as a lopsided, 4-on-1 basketball game with monsters representing the symptoms of the disorder that make the disease difficult to overcome. It features an actor who portrays a person with an opioid use disorder playing a skewed game of hoops against a team of 2-dimensional animated monsters.

In-house Director/Senior Editor Owen Lang and Senior Designer/Motion Graphics Artist Carmen Cothern collaborated with Rescue Agency to create this stark mash-up of real and imaginary worlds that reflects the reality that overcoming opioid use disorder is not a fair fight.
View the case study here.

“Certain stories are best portrayed beyond the confines of our physical world. This spring, we embarked on telling such a story when San Diego-based Rescue Agency approached us with a mission to reach those struggling with an opioid use disorder to help them break the vicious cycle,” says Owen Lang.

“The result highlights what we do best – collaborative, creative thinking resulting in successful narrative outcomes, and what we appreciate most – the chance to make a difference. We are extremely pleased with how the spot turned out. We invite you to check it out here,” says Lee Konen, CEO of Three Seas.

About Three Seas, Inc.

Three Seas is an award-winning collection of creative boutiques with studios in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Our four sister companies (Clean Cuts, Cerebral Lounge, Gigawatt Group, and Noise Distillery). Specialize in creative strategy, visual storytelling, digital/social media marketing, podcasting and audio, sound design, and custom music for film, TV, advertising, streaming services, AAA video games, and more.

About Rescue Agency

Rescue Agency is a social change advertising agency focused on promoting healthy behaviors for government agencies. Headquartered in San Diego, CA

Carlos Diggs Joins Three Seas

Three Seas, Inc., announced today the appointment of business development veteran Carlos Diggs to Director of Business Development, effective immediately. Mr. Diggs is an enterprise business development leader, who has vast expertise in spearheading innovation and leading high-performing teams that deliver transformational growth. Diggs will report to Brian Leonard, VP of Development.

Photo of Carlos Diggs“We are always looking for new ways to expand our business, and Carlos brings a different and fresh perspective to our development team. His many years of experience and the unique approach to reaching new clients make his arrival here a valuable and exciting addition to Three Seas,” said Brian Leonard.

As Director of Business Development, Diggs will expand the company’s new business strategies, field marketing, and channel partnership opportunities. Diggs is charged with advancing Three Seas’ position as a leading innovator of marketing and entertainment content creation for today’s most creativity-driven companies, organizations, agencies, and media outlets.

“I am extremely grateful to join an organization with so many award-winning videos, audio, and music production professionals,” said Diggs. “I am excited to promote Three Seas’ capabilities and achievements that have positioned them as the go-to-specialist for some familiar global brands such as Discovery Warner Bros., HBO, Walt Disney Companies, PBS, Netflix, NBA2K, McDonald’s, Audible, and many more. It’s no wonder why Three Seas has earned so many accolades over its three decades in business, including Grammy, Emmy, Addy, and Clio awards, to name a few.”

“We’re excited to add Carlos to the family. He has a real passion for our industry and a desire to help our clients solve tough business challenges. His positive energy will bring a fresh new perspective to our Development team.” Lee Konen, CEO of Three Seas.


Three Seas is an award-winning collection of creative boutiques with studios in Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Our four sister companies (Clean CutsCerebral LoungeGigawatt Group, and Noise Distillery) comprise a passionate community of creative specialists who serve their clients by delivering powerful content, intelligent and innovative strategies, and stories that transform ideas and achieve results. Our experts specialize in creative strategy, visual storytelling, digital/social media marketing, podcasting and audio, sound design, and custom music for film, TV, advertising, streaming services, AAA video games, and more.

Clean Cuts Interactive Launches New Website

Clean Cuts + Gigawatt Group Launch

Level Up Your Sound Experience

Born out of the Grammy®-Award winning studios of Clean Cuts, Clean Cuts Interactive forged into the world of interactive audio back in 2010, spearheaded by a group of passionate sound designers who wanted to challenge the boundaries of game audio, without compromising aesthetic and vision. 

We love what we do. We love blazing new trails.  And today, we’re excited to announce the launch of, designed and developed by our sister company, Gigawatt Group.

Tom Dao, who leads Clean Cuts Interactive, is excited to showcase how far they’ve come over the past decade. “Many times over the years we have been asked the question: ‘Do you guys really work on games?’ Or, ‘are games a focus for you?’  We hope this website answers the questions with a resounding, ‘Yes!’  And we are also pretty good at it.”

Gigawatt Group’s Creative Director, Jim McNulty, is incredibly proud of his team for how the site came together.  “From the very beginning of this project, we wanted this site to feel bold and future forward. The ambitious design created some opportunities to push our development limits.  It also allowed us to lean on our friends at Cerebral Lounge for some custom animation that really delivers a unique user experience.”

Clean Cuts Interactive is a part of Clean Cuts, which allows us to leverage each other’s strengths and resources for any project. We live on the bleeding edge of new technology and find innovative solutions for an industry that continues to push the envelope of what is possible. World class sound design, expert implementation and innovative original music all come together to deliver depth and personality to the environment.

We invite you to visit to hear some of the custom soundscapes we’ve developed for AAA Games such as the new NBA 2K21, and we look forward to helping you Level Up your next sound experience!

2k21 graphic

Level-Up Your Sound Experience

Have a project in mind?
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Clean Cuts Interactive

Ready to energize your brand?

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In Our Homes, Beyond The Court

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NBA2K21 Launches with an Assist from Clean Cuts Interactive

We all know 2020 has been uniquely challenging. But for the Clean Cuts team, one thing that didn’t change was our relationship and collaboration with 2K and Visual Concepts. Right as the country was shutting down we once again worked closely with the Visual Concepts audio team to craft detailed and immersive sound design for NBA2K21. Having a solid team and long track record with 2K helped make the challenges of working in the “new normal” go all the more smoothly.

2k21 graphic

Our team, led by Cory Foley-Marsello, rose to the challenge with cinematic sound design and mix for over 350 My Career cutscenes, as well as many other layers of audio that make the in stadium experiences come to life. Our aim was to create detailed and authentic audio as you guide Junior from High School in Newark to the NBA.

The team at Visual Concepts crafted the compelling story arc of stepping out of the shadow of a father’s legacy, and forging your own path. We strove to help tell this story through our audio work. The Clean Cuts team has continued to work with 2K for the hugely anticipated release of Generation 5 for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, which dropped on November 10th and 12th. Gen 5 offers incredible improvements, including backwards compatibility, shorter loading screen times, and heightened control for shooting, passing, and dribbling as well as new physics and added signature animations.

comparison visuals y2k21



We’ve learned that when the world becomes unpredictable, we can always count on our community and the work relationships we’ve built over years of collaboration. And, we’re so excited to have a new NBA2K to binge play at home!
hear the trailer button

Level-Up Your Sound Experience

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AMA Baltimore Chapter Awards Gigawatt, Howard Bank at 2020 MX Awards


“Howard Bank Cares” Campaign Earns Two MX Awards at AMA Baltimore Chapter’s 2020 Virtual Gala

Gigawatt Group is incredibly proud to announce the Baltimore Chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) awarded our Howard Bank Cares Campaign with two awards at its 2020 Virtual Gala this evening!  The brand campaign earned Best New Brand Identity Campaign, and the print campaign won the Grand MX Runner Up for Campaign of the Year.

One of the things that makes Gigawatt unique is our ability to bring in our teammates from Clean Cuts, Cerebral Lounge and Noise Distillery to help maximize our clients’ budgets and produce engaging, effecting creative for all platforms. The print campaign was one part of a hyper-targeted, omni-channel brand campaign that involved the entire Three Seas family.

MX Awards

Of course, it’s always gratifying to have your work recognized by your peers; however, it’s even more special realizing that recognition means you’re helping your clients achieve their strategic goals.

A very special thanks to CEO Mary Ann Scully, SVP of Marketing Erica Starr, and the entire Howard Bank team for their continued partnership, and for entrusting us with their legacy.

Congratulations to the entire team!

– Jim

Ready to energize your brand?

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Gigawatt Welcomes Creative Director Jim McNulty!


Three Seas is thrilled to welcome our long-time client and friend Jim McNulty to the Gigawatt Group as Creative Director! Jim has been a client for well over 15 years—winning several awards together in the process—and we couldn’t be more energized to have him leading our Gigawatt team.

Jim’s career spans more than two decades of writing, producing and directing engaging, impactful marketing and brand campaigns, with stops at Lockheed Martin, Discovery Communications and Scripps Networks, as well as his own boutique creative agency, Wurdsmith Creative.

He brings with him a shelf full of hardware that includes a silver Clio Award and copious PromaxBDA Awards, and he was also a member of TLC’s CableFax Marketing Team of the Year back in 2012.

We look forward to leveraging Jim’s creativity and enthusiasm to help energize your next campaign, and we hope you join us in welcoming Jim to the Three Seas family!


Noise Distillery’s Long Distance Relationship

Over 4,500 miles away, Chris Kennedy (Senior Composer, Noise Distillery) watches his composition come to life at a Hungary-based studio. Budapest Scoring Orchestra performs and records while the Noise Distillery composer views from our studio in Baltimore.

“Imaginarium”, the 3:00 cinematic piece, required an ensemble of 51 world-class musicians assembled in a world-class studio. The piece was later mixed by Rich Isaac (Creative Director, Noise Distillery).

No matter the scope of the project or size of the budget, Noise Distillery works with producers, directors, game developers, and other creatives to bring their work to life with custom music. Check out some of their latest songs and albums by visiting their SoundCloud and stay up-to-date by following them on Facebook.

About Chris

Chris Kennedy has been a part of the Noise Distillery team for over 15 years and written thousands of pieces of music. Chris creates award-winning original music tracks for broadcast, web, video games, and film. Outside the studio, he shares his skills with aspiring composers by serving as faculty for Peabody Conservatory’s “Music for New Media” program, as well as Johns Hopkins University’s “Graduate Film” program.

Have a project in mind? Contact Rich Isaac.
Phone: 410-235-4641

The Latest from Noise Distillery


This fall has been an exciting time for Noise Distillery. Scroll down to check out the latest.


Our friends at Yes& Agency asked us to create a fist-pumping, stadium-rocking score for this spot that was worthy of these over-the-top celebrations. Try not to get a case of rock neck after listening to this.


Few years in American history have been as pivotal and transformative as 1968. We were honored to create a score for this powerful documentary produced by The Biscuit Factory for Smithsonian Channel.


Noise Distillery worked closely with Pixelberry Studios to create a soundtrack for their latest Choices installment, Across The Void. This “choose your own adventure” style game is described as a “space opera”, in which the player is the captain of a luxury space liner traveling through the galaxy–in the middle of a galactic civil war!  Noise Distillery created evocative music that will transport you across galaxies, lift you up to save the day and pull at your heartstrings as you try to find love in the vast universe.


Congrats Chris Kennedy

We are excited that Chris Kennedy, Noise Distillery’s Senior Composer, will be teaching a brand new undergraduate program at Peabody called “Music for New Media”. The class is lead by renowned English musician, singer and producer Thomas Dolby. The program is the only one like it in the country and is designed for strong music students interested in composing and producing music for emerging areas of non-linear entertainment such as computer games, virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D spatialized sound for location-based experiences.

Noise Distillery. Sound Like No Other.

The Latest from Clean Cuts

Clean Cuts Logo


This fall has been an exciting time for Clean Cuts. Scroll down to check out our latest work.


Clean Cuts had the honor and pleasure of collaborating with Sanzaru Games for yet another top tier game, released in Summer 2018! It was a thrill recreating the iconic Marvel sounds for a cinematic immersive experience. If you don’t have an Oculus Rift headset, check out a gameplay trailer to experience a sliver of the excitement in MARVEL Powers United VR, available for purchase now at the Oculus Store.

Clean Cuts: Sound Design

It’s the return of the King! NBA 2K19 is back and better than ever! We were called upon again this year to collaborate with the 2K Audio team providing sound design and mix to the MyCareer Mode and the weekly 2KTV show.

Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

When Velocity brought us this Nitro Circus promo, we knew that Senior Audio Engineer Andrew Eppig was a match made in heaven for this project. No better engineer than our nationally ranked dirt bike riding champ to sound design this high-energy trailer! Check it out here. 

Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

“Never Say Never” with WWE 2K19. The Clean Cuts audio team joined forces with Visual Concepts and 2K Sports to bring you yet another amazing title this year! Step into the ring and show the world what you’re really made of. Pick up the Ric Flair “Wooooo!” edition and start playing today!

Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix


Our work with video games doesn’t stop here. We have more to come this November. Follow us on our social media accounts for instant updates.

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Clean Cuts. Sound Like You Mean It.

This Fall at Cerebral Lounge

This fall has been an exciting time for Cerebral Lounge. Scroll down to check out our latest work.

We were thrilled to work with TLC and Marshalls on a branded entertainment vignette starring the oh so fabulous Monte from “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta”.  Cerebral Lounge said ‘yes’ to the shoot, script, edit and color correction. CEO Lee Konen directed the spot and Clean Cuts handled sound design and mix.

PandaBlair and Defining Entertainment came to Cerebral Lounge to edit the latest series of spots for Capterra which taps into the frustrations of three fictional, yet very relatable office workers. Clean Cuts provided sound design and mix and in this case, also provided the VO talent with our very own Harry Evans.

Cerebral Lounge had the honor of celebrating humanity’s greatest adventure when we teamed up with our friends at National Geographic‘s kids book. This trailer for a new pop up book showcases fun and educational facts about the first moon landing. During this production, we used actual moon-landing footage and audio and paired it with pop up book footage we shot in our office. We had a stellar time with this project. Check it out for yourself and listen to Clean Cut’s out-of-this-world sound design.

Cerebral Lounge had a blast writing, illustrating and animating the most recent installment of Investigation Discovery‘s “Ludicrous Laws”; this time for Econo Lodge. Clean Cuts provided the sound design and mix. Enjoy watching, but be mindful of those spurs, cowboy. Yeehaw!

Cerebral Lounge. Bringing Your Stories To Life.

Recyclables Meet Foley

Clean Cuts Logo

At Clean Cuts, we’ve been getting trashy. Where some people see junk, we see an opportunity to create unique sounds. Watch and listen to how Isabella Ness transformed these recyclables into real-life sound effects. Can you guess what object was used to create them?


Credits. Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

Credits. Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

Clean Cuts. Sound Like You Mean It.

The Latest from Cerebral Lounge

In the middle of a hot Summer, Cerebral Lounge has been working on some cool projects.  Check out what we’ve been doing over the last few months.

Our Work

Credits. Cerebral Lounge: Editorial & Motion Graphics; Clean Cuts: Voiceover Record & Mix

Credits. Cerebral Lounge: Editorial; Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

Credits. Cerebral Lounge: Editorial & Color Correction

Credits. Cerebral Lounge: Editorial & Color Correction; Noise Distillery: Custom Music; Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

Cerebral Lounge. Bringing Your Stories To Life.