Behind the Scenes | Dr. Pol ’80s Theme

Go behind the scenes with the Noise Distillery team as they compose an 80s-style theme for National Geographic’s Dr. Pol.

Our Noise Distillery team had a blast with this one! National Geographic wanted a custom jingle for Dr. Pol that had the feel of a ’80s sitcom theme. Check out the video to see how the project came together.

To see more of Noise Distillery’s great work, check out their portfolio page.

Video Transcript:
National Geographic came to us looking for an 80s sitcom theme. Anytime National Geographic calls us we get excited because they always bring the coolest ideas. When David and his team came to us, they had ideas for lyrics that we could base the jingle off of. Our faces lit up and we’re like, “oh you know this is this is right up our alley. we’re going to have a lot of fun with this one.”

You know,I’m a child of the ’80s. I grew up watching all those shows empty nest Mr. Belvedere, Golden Girls, Too Close for Comfort… so they wanted something in that vein.

So the basic chord progression is just this: (playing the piano) “Who do you call when your cow takes a fall? You call the doctor—Dr. Pol!

You know when we cut stuff with Kristen, we had her stack all this stuff that’s just one chord put on top of another, and that’s not something that you know sometimes I get to do all the time.

We have access to an incredibly deep talent pool when it comes to live musicians anytime you bring in players it’s not just about how they play their instruments or what they’re going to play. They bring their musicality to it, they bring their ideas, and even their mistakes are better than anything that you could have written.

[Music up full]”Who do you call when your cow takes a fall? You call the doctor—Doctor Pol! Who do you ring when your teeth need a clean? It’s the doctor! Doctor Pol! If it’s your cat or your dog or the family hog, when your animal is sick, he’s the man for the job. He’s the doctor the incredible Doctor Pol.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty nice right yeah I like that man that’s nice.”