Epic Game | Epic Sound

In collaboration with Sanzaru Games, Inc. and Oculus Studios, our team here at Clean Cuts Interactive is excited to announce the release of “Asgard’s Wrath 2”!

In this epic adventure, players continue to pursue their ultimate goal of stopping Loki’s mayhem throughout the mortal realms. One of the largest in scale action RPGs experienced in VR to-date, players battle monstrous enemies, solve god-size puzzles, and explore several playable realms in a fight for the fate of reality.

“Asgard’s Wrath 2 is the full-fledged VR open-world RPG I’ve always wanted to play, and for that matter it’s one of the best RPGs in any perspective I’ve played in years.”
– IGN.com (10/10, Masterpiece).
MetaCritic: 93/100. GameRant: 90/100.

This game has it all: A fully featured 100+-hr campaign with four playable characters, a roguelite mode with asynchronous multiplayer gameplay, mind-bending anomalies in mixed reality, and more. Trust us when we say this will absolutely blow you away and really is a full-size undertaking in AAA VR gaming.

Over four years in the making, a team of seven Clean Cuts Interactive sound designers spent thousands of hours creating, crafting, and implementing the custom sound design for this landmark title. From unique weapons to signature sounds, boss monsters to tailored spells & abilities: You hear it, we touched it.

Game play from Asgard's Wrath 2

We can honestly say the Clean Cuts Interactive team put all of their hearts and passion into this project, and we’re eager to finally share such an awesome achievement in VR with the full gaming community. It was a wonderful experience to work once again with our friends and we want to congratulate Sanzaru Games, Inc. and Oculus Studios on this game-changer of a AAA virtual reality adventure.

Clean Cuts Interactive provides world-class sound design, expert implementation and innovative original music, delivering unparalleled soundscapes for video games, spatial audio and digital applications. Clean Cuts Interactive is a Three Seas company, a collective of creative boutiques with studios in Washington, DC, and Baltimore, Md.