Dolly & Dylan Join the Mix

Clean Cuts Completes DC Expansion, Adding Two New Suites

Clean Cuts is thrilled to announce the completion of our D.C. expansion! The two new suites, named after Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan, continue our long-standing tradition of theming suites after legendary artists and albums.

Acoustically designed by Clean Cuts President Paul Perret, and art directed by Cerebral Lounge creative director Giles D’Souza, the suites feature large recording booths that not only sound great, but look great too. Today’s increased options of acoustic fabrics allowed us to execute a really fun visual aesthetic.

The inspiration for the Bob Dylan suite came from the Milton Glaser designed poster that was included with the 1967 Greatest Hits album.

The Dolly Parton suite was inspired by her Jolene album. While the recording booth features Dolly’s favorite Smoky Mountains.

These rooms already feel like instant classics!

We can’t wait to share these rooms with you. Whether it be VO, ADR, game audio, podcast, audiobooks or Foley, come schedule your next session in our DC studios and experience these great new suites for yourself!