Video Marketing for Law Firms

Video & Podcasts are becoming an important part of marketing strategies for law firms

First impressions matter!

Cinematic quality video and a professionally produced podcast can contribute to law firms’ marketing efforts in many ways, raising your visibility and notability while spotlighting the important factors that position your firm above the rest.

Last week, Three Seas sponsored the Legal Marketing Mid-Atlantic conference in Washington, DC. Our professionals at Cerebral Lounge, Clean Cuts, and Gigawatt Group are experts in connecting our clients with audiences in multiple ways by igniting an authentic emotional reaction from what they are seeing and hearing. Law firms can use video and podcasts as a powerful tool to say who you are:
your mission…

your people…

your culture…

your expertise…

and (most of all) your value.

When executed well, a brand video combined with partner profiles gives prospective clients a much more informed impression of your firm.  They also can be part of an effective talent acquisition strategy.

Podcasting provides an additional way for firms to demonstrate thought leadership, and creates a content engine for firms to provide regular engagement across social platforms.

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Members of the legal marketing association are eligible to receive special rates on an introductory content package.

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