A New Game Plan

The challenges of overcoming opioid use disorder

Rescue Agency and Three Seas embark on a mission to reach those struggling with an opioid use disorder to help break the vicious cycle

The visual experts at Three Seas, together with Rescue: The Behavior Change Agency, personify the struggle against opioid use disorder in “A New Game Plan.” This public service announcement is part of Rethink Recovery—a public education campaign in partnership between the Illinois Department of Human Services and Prevention First and Rescue Agency.

Too many people struggling with an opioid use disorder find themselves alone in a losing game,” laments the narrator in this 30-second PSA. “A New Game Plan” depicts this struggle as a lopsided, 4-on-1 basketball game with monsters representing the symptoms of the disorder that make the disease difficult to overcome. It features an actor who portrays a person with an opioid use disorder playing a skewed game of hoops against a team of 2-dimensional animated monsters.

In-house Director/Senior Editor Owen Lang and Senior Designer/Motion Graphics Artist Carmen Cothern collaborated with Rescue Agency to create this stark mash-up of real and imaginary worlds that reflects the reality that overcoming opioid use disorder is not a fair fight.
View the case study here.

“Certain stories are best portrayed beyond the confines of our physical world. This spring, we embarked on telling such a story when San Diego-based Rescue Agency approached us with a mission to reach those struggling with an opioid use disorder to help them break the vicious cycle,” says Owen Lang.

“The result highlights what we do best – collaborative, creative thinking resulting in successful narrative outcomes, and what we appreciate most – the chance to make a difference. We are extremely pleased with how the spot turned out. We invite you to check it out here,” says Lee Konen, CEO of Three Seas.

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