How to brand a bank that cares.


Howard Bank recently relaunched their brand with a campaign that reflected their commitment in helping build legacies for the people, businesses and communities they serve and centered around their new tagline: “We Care About Here.” We were thrilled to contribute.


After conducting a thorough research and discovery phase, our resident Londoner and financial branding veteran, Stuart Granger, led a full overhaul of their brand architecture. This overhaul laid the groundwork for us to create a through the line campaign that included television, digital, social media, and a microsite as well as a full range of branded collateral. Check out the microsite.

We were honored to partner with them at every stage, helping to evolve their brand through this emotive, powerful campaign that leveraged the talents of each of our creative boutiques. It’s always a privilege to work on a campaign you truly believe in, because if you’ve ever worked with us, you know that we care too.

About Stuart

Stuart Granger has been with Three Seas for over 5 years. In this time, he has overseen root-to-branch branding projects from Fortune 500 companies to DC start-ups, with a particular fondness for the banking and healthcare sectors. He was born in Alabama to two apparently lost Brits, who found their way back to London in time for Stuart to grow up with a British accent and a love for fish and chips.


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Gigawatt Group Takes on Burney Wealth Management

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Burney Company, an SEC established investment advisor company recently launched a wealth management brand and were looking for a branding agency to craft a brand architecture that resonates with their target audience, build out a visual identity that reflects the brand then apply this to collateral and a brand new website.


We began by identifying the attributes that collectively differentiated Burney in the market: independence from industry convention and original thinking, sophisticated in-house expertise, a true sense of trust and security and the promise of acting as truly invested partners. Building on a foundation of solid research and insights, we were then able to craft a robust brand architecture that articulated their value proposition while communicating a compelling brand story that leaves a lasting impression on their audience. We then pushed ahead with the development of a new logo, font, color scheme and other branded elements. Finally we built a full custom website from the ground up, with a backend tailored to suit their needs, a design that reflected their aesthetic and messaging that reflected their brand. We even produced an anthem video to feature on the homepage which reinforces their brand promise.


Building a brand experience from the ground up gave us an opportunity to play to our biggest strengths, which is crafting fully connected brands, then producing content, collateral and websites that reflect and enhance the brand identity.


Gigawatt Group. Clever together.

Knock, Knock. It’s Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels: A Gigawatt Group Case Study


Script, shoot, edit and deliver a 60-second spot that convinces one of the world’s biggest philanthropic organizations to invest in Meals on Wheels. In one week.


Mobilizing all of the capabilities of Three Seas in a moment’s notice, we were able to ideate and present four solid creative ideas to MOW. The same day, they signed off “House Down the Street”, a live action spot that uses sound design, color and copy to deliver a poignant message of hope and an emotive call to action.


We scripted and shot the piece in three days, then edited, mixed, color corrected and added graphics in just two days to deliver a day early and well within budget.

Gigawatt Group. Clever Together.

Unconventional Percussion

NDBucket Concerto: A Noise Distillery Case Study

Create an original piece of music for a series of UMUC spots. The music needed to reflect the energy and diversity of the college, and a decision was made to use percussion as the creative focus. But the client wanted something a little different.

Using a combination of close microphones and room microphones, we recorded multiple rhythmic patterns using buckets, trash cans, hand claps, foot stomps and other unconventional percussion instruments. Those patterns were then combined in various ways to post score the spots. We removed all sonic treatments from the recording space to make the room as loud and bombastic as possible.

An organic, original and powerful piece of music that reflects the college and the student body; and one happy client.

Noise Distillery. Sound Like No Other.