Gigawatt Group Sparks Holiday Rush

Redwood + Co.
A Social E-Commerce Success Story

Let’s light this candle!

Redwood + Co. is a Virginia candle company that was looking to identify and retarget customers on social media who had engaged solely through influencer marketing without visiting their own social media pages.

Our team, led by Senior Digital Strategist Orlando Trott, used our proprietary attribution framework, FOURCORE, to identify how the brand’s audience was engaging across various web properties.

Next, we implemented a content strategy focused on vertical video, to be uploaded across Instagram Reels and TikTok.

We then extracted key data points to optimize marketing initiatives both on and offline.

The results highlight Gigawatt Group’s ability to not only increase social engagement and brand visibility, but also execute a hands-on-keyboard approach to running a brand’s paid social across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok—driving conversions both online and in-store, and generating increased sales.

“Advertising with Gigawatt not only helped our online strategy but jump started our in person traffic with many of the customers mentioning the ads when engaging with team members. In addition, we truly felt many in person customers were coming from far and wide specifically to buy from Redwood + Co. and making a weekend of their trip here in the Shenandoah Valley. Through online marketing efforts, Redwood + Co. has become a destination.”
CHRISTOPHER WOOD, Co-Founder & CEO, Redwood + Co.

We invite you to explore the full case study on Gigawatt Group’s website .

A Spooktacular October

Halloween at Three Seas

We’re known to get spooky during October. From skeletons to cobwebs to decorated pumpkins, our offices are always festive. We welcome you all to visit and see for yourself, but BEWARE if you come without a costume on Halloween day, you’ll stick out like a vampire on a sunny beach. See for yourself.



Look Out for Pumpkins

Be sure to ‘like’ your favorite pumpkin on Facebook October 30 & 31 to help us crown the “Most Social” winner. Scroll for last year’s champs and click here for 2017 honorable mentions.

Best Character Creation & Most Silly Whimsical: “Cookie Monster” & “The Cookie Jar”:

Designed by Jamie (Business Manager) & Elisa (Accounting Assistant)


Best Carved: “Joan of Arc”

Designed by Emanuel (3D Artist/Designer)


Scary/Spooky: “Zombie Pumpkin”

Designed by Reagan (Business Development Strategist)

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Happy Halloween!