A Spooktacular October

Halloween at Three Seas

We’re known to get spooky during October. From skeletons to cobwebs to decorated pumpkins, our offices are always festive. We welcome you all to visit and see for yourself, but BEWARE if you come without a costume on Halloween day, you’ll stick out like a vampire on a sunny beach. See for yourself.



Look Out for Pumpkins

Be sure to ‘like’ your favorite pumpkin on Facebook October 30 & 31 to help us crown the “Most Social” winner. Scroll for last year’s champs and click here for 2017 honorable mentions.

Best Character Creation & Most Silly Whimsical: “Cookie Monster” & “The Cookie Jar”:

Designed by Jamie (Business Manager) & Elisa (Accounting Assistant)


Best Carved: “Joan of Arc”

Designed by Emanuel (3D Artist/Designer)


Scary/Spooky: “Zombie Pumpkin”

Designed by Reagan (Business Development Strategist)

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Happy Halloween!