Behind the Scenes | Dr. Pol ’80s Theme

Go behind the scenes with the Noise Distillery team as they compose an 80s-style theme for National Geographic’s Dr. Pol.

Our Noise Distillery team had a blast with this one! National Geographic wanted a custom jingle for Dr. Pol that had the feel of a ’80s sitcom theme. Check out the video to see how the project came together.

To see more of Noise Distillery’s great work, check out their portfolio page.

Video Transcript:
National Geographic came to us looking for an 80s sitcom theme. Anytime National Geographic calls us we get excited because they always bring the coolest ideas. When David and his team came to us, they had ideas for lyrics that we could base the jingle off of. Our faces lit up and we’re like, “oh you know this is this is right up our alley. we’re going to have a lot of fun with this one.”

You know,I’m a child of the ’80s. I grew up watching all those shows empty nest Mr. Belvedere, Golden Girls, Too Close for Comfort… so they wanted something in that vein.

So the basic chord progression is just this: (playing the piano) “Who do you call when your cow takes a fall? You call the doctor—Dr. Pol!

You know when we cut stuff with Kristen, we had her stack all this stuff that’s just one chord put on top of another, and that’s not something that you know sometimes I get to do all the time.

We have access to an incredibly deep talent pool when it comes to live musicians anytime you bring in players it’s not just about how they play their instruments or what they’re going to play. They bring their musicality to it, they bring their ideas, and even their mistakes are better than anything that you could have written.

[Music up full]”Who do you call when your cow takes a fall? You call the doctor—Doctor Pol! Who do you ring when your teeth need a clean? It’s the doctor! Doctor Pol! If it’s your cat or your dog or the family hog, when your animal is sick, he’s the man for the job. He’s the doctor the incredible Doctor Pol.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty nice right yeah I like that man that’s nice.”

Dolly & Dylan Join the Mix

Clean Cuts Completes DC Expansion, Adding Two New Suites

Clean Cuts is thrilled to announce the completion of our D.C. expansion! The two new suites, named after Dolly Parton and Bob Dylan, continue our long-standing tradition of theming suites after legendary artists and albums.

Acoustically designed by Clean Cuts President Paul Perret, and art directed by Cerebral Lounge creative director Giles D’Souza, the suites feature large recording booths that not only sound great, but look great too. Today’s increased options of acoustic fabrics allowed us to execute a really fun visual aesthetic.

The inspiration for the Bob Dylan suite came from the Milton Glaser designed poster that was included with the 1967 Greatest Hits album.

The Dolly Parton suite was inspired by her Jolene album. While the recording booth features Dolly’s favorite Smoky Mountains.

These rooms already feel like instant classics!

We can’t wait to share these rooms with you. Whether it be VO, ADR, game audio, podcast, audiobooks or Foley, come schedule your next session in our DC studios and experience these great new suites for yourself!

Recording Kits by Clean Cuts

Sound like you mean it (from home).

At Clean Cuts, we certainly love a challenge!  And, like the rest of the world, we found ourselves in 2020 having to quickly pivot how we did business to provide the same level of service to our clients in a safe, socially distant manner.  In addition to putting in place our SAG/AFTRA-approved Covid protocols for in-person studio recording, our clients asked us to help develop ways to record people from the place they felt safest—their own home—with the highest-quality sound possible.

Recording Kits by Clean Cuts

Our team researched, purchased, tested, and analyzed many different types of microphones, headsets, recorders and software to design shippable Recording Kits. Because Clean Cuts is involved in so many different types of audio projects, we quickly realized this wouldn’t be a “one size fits all” solution. The right Kit for a client whose project involved recording a high-profile talent for multiple days, with a full day allowed for setup, looked a lot different than a simple Kit for a podcast featuring multiple, one-time guests, needing very little setup time.  So, we customized each of our Kits, with options ranging from world class microphones, audio interfaces and laptops, to inexpensive analog headsets and everything in between. Our USB Mic Kit packed with pop filters, headphones, and adapters was a popular choice for our podcast projects!

remote recording instructors by clean cuts

Keeping it simple and utilizing our engineers to help was a big key to our success. Each Kit was packed with super-simple instructions that we paired with a scheduled setup session with one of our engineers. The setup session allowed our engineers to take the stress of having any technical knowhow off the talent or guest, and made sure we had time to solve any technical challenges before the session. It also allowed us the opportunity to give any necessary advice on improving their room acoustics.

Recording Kits by Clean Cuts

We ended the year completing over 400 successful remote sessions, including commercials, podcasts, video games, audiobooks and more—and we learned a ton!  It will always be our preference to record your talent or guest in-studio whenever possible, but if you can’t…. let us help!  We love to talk about these types of challenges, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Recording Kits by Clean Cuts

Recording Kits by Clean Cuts


Clean Cuts is an award-winning creative boutique producing inspired, emotional audio and sound design for all media.

Have a project in mind? Contact Paul Perret.

Behind the Scenes at Three Seas

main logo in color


With three offices in three different cities, there’s always a lot happening. Scroll down and have a look at some of the things our team has been up to over the last few months!

Roll ’em!

This spot is brought to you by Three Seas. When our employee ask for favors, we love to help them out especially when it’s a fun group like the DC Rollergirls! Producer Heidi Green rolls with this group of strong, fierce and competitive female athletes with a passion for roller derby. Cerebral Lounge provided the edit, graphics and color correction. The spot then rolled on over to Clean Cuts to add sound design, mix, a CCML track and record the VO.

Three Seas Sponsors Fall 2018 Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit


Pictured above Orlando Trott and Reagan Kolakowski.

Three Seas was proud to be a sponsor and have a table at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit Baltimore on September 27. Mike Gardner, EVP Business Strategy, introduced keynote speaker and author, Allen Gannett, and moderated the “Hiring and Retaining Specialized Marketing Talent” panel at the event. If you were there, we enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you there in the future. Next Summit is Spring 2019 in Washington, DC. Mark your calendars!

Three Seas Launches “Fresh Blood” Series on the Capitol Communicator

Three Seas is an official sponsor of Capitol Communicator, a weekly news source for communication professionals in the DC/Baltimore region. A recurring bi-weekly series, “Fresh Blood” profiles creative millennial talent in our area.

Whether you call them Pluralists, Neo-Digital Natives or the Job Hopping Generation, a new cohort of marketers is emerging and things will never be the same. We invited some of the area’s top millennials to give their thoughts on the future of the industry as their generation reaches maturity.

“Fresh Blood” recently featured Television Publicist Hayden Cox. He gives us a glimpse into his work for the True Crime team at Investigation Discovery and how a sudden break in a criminal investigation can turn the best laid PR plans on their head. To watch more from the series and stay up to date with the latest, head to Capitol Communicator‘s website.

Produced by Three Seas, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, a collective of creative boutiques with expertise in visual storytelling, creative strategy, sound and music.


Production:  Cerebral Lounge
Sound Design and Mix:  Clean Cuts
Creative Strategy:  The Gigawatt Group
Custom Music:  Noise Distillery

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

In September, our team headed to Nationals stadium to watch the Nats take on the Mets. Even though they didn’t come out on top, we still had a blast enjoying some brews with our colleagues.

We’d Love for You to Meet Us

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ALICIA CHRISTY, Accounting Manager/HR Administrator at Three Seas, Inc.
TRISTAN MEDJO, Sound Designer/Mixer at Clean Cuts
ELLIS KALER, Digital Designer at Gigawatt Group
SHANICE JARMON Account Director at Gigawatt Group

Let’s Congratulate!

IAN COREY for his new position: Associate Creative Director at Cerebral Lounge

Recent Events

During this AMADC event, Allen Gannett, CEO of TrackMaven and author of The Creative Curve, spoke about creativity and his book at Social Tables in Washington, DC. Did you know he recorded his audiobook in our studio and Three Seas created a promotional video for the event?
Ahoy! We kicked off our Three Seas brand by hosting a pirate-themed Spring party. From nautical decorations to augmented reality Snapchat filters, we had it all and it was a blast!
Owen Lang (Gigawatt  Group) and Paul Perret (Clean Cuts) participated in a Panel Discussion “Avoiding Podcast Pitfalls” moderated by Mike Gardner (Three Seas, not pictured) at the Capitol Communicator PR Summit held at the National Press Club, July 19th, 2018.

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We will be attending upcoming events in the area. Add them to your calendar and meet our crew. We hope to see you there!

The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit on September 27th @ Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore