How to brand a bank that cares.


Howard Bank recently relaunched their brand with a campaign that reflected their commitment in helping build legacies for the people, businesses and communities they serve and centered around their new tagline: “We Care About Here.” We were thrilled to contribute.


After conducting a thorough research and discovery phase, our team led a full overhaul of their brand architecture. This overhaul laid the groundwork for us to create a through the line campaign that included television, digital, social media, and a microsite as well as a full range of branded collateral. Check out the microsite.

We were honored to partner with them at every stage, helping to evolve their brand through this emotive, powerful campaign that leveraged the talents of each of our creative boutiques. It’s always a privilege to work on a campaign you truly believe in, because if you’ve ever worked with us, you know that we care too.

Looking for branding guidance? Contact Jim McNulty.

Phone: 202-888-0504

Noise Distillery’s Long Distance Relationship

Over 4,500 miles away, Chris Kennedy (Senior Composer, Noise Distillery) watches his composition come to life at a Hungary-based studio. Budapest Scoring Orchestra performs and records while the Noise Distillery composer views from our studio in Baltimore.

“Imaginarium”, the 3:00 cinematic piece, required an ensemble of 51 world-class musicians assembled in a world-class studio. The piece was later mixed by Rich Isaac (Creative Director, Noise Distillery).

No matter the scope of the project or size of the budget, Noise Distillery works with producers, directors, game developers, and other creatives to bring their work to life with custom music. Check out some of their latest songs and albums by visiting their SoundCloud and stay up-to-date by following them on Facebook.

About Chris

Chris Kennedy has been a part of the Noise Distillery team for over 15 years and written thousands of pieces of music. Chris creates award-winning original music tracks for broadcast, web, video games, and film. Outside the studio, he shares his skills with aspiring composers by serving as faculty for Peabody Conservatory’s “Music for New Media” program, as well as Johns Hopkins University’s “Graduate Film” program.

Have a project in mind? Contact Rich Isaac.
Phone: 410-235-4641

The Latest from Noise Distillery


This fall has been an exciting time for Noise Distillery. Scroll down to check out the latest.


Our friends at Yes& Agency asked us to create a fist-pumping, stadium-rocking score for this spot that was worthy of these over-the-top celebrations. Try not to get a case of rock neck after listening to this.


Few years in American history have been as pivotal and transformative as 1968. We were honored to create a score for this powerful documentary produced by The Biscuit Factory for Smithsonian Channel.


Noise Distillery worked closely with Pixelberry Studios to create a soundtrack for their latest Choices installment, Across The Void. This “choose your own adventure” style game is described as a “space opera”, in which the player is the captain of a luxury space liner traveling through the galaxy–in the middle of a galactic civil war!  Noise Distillery created evocative music that will transport you across galaxies, lift you up to save the day and pull at your heartstrings as you try to find love in the vast universe.


Congrats Chris Kennedy

We are excited that Chris Kennedy, Noise Distillery’s Senior Composer, will be teaching a brand new undergraduate program at Peabody called “Music for New Media”. The class is lead by renowned English musician, singer and producer Thomas Dolby. The program is the only one like it in the country and is designed for strong music students interested in composing and producing music for emerging areas of non-linear entertainment such as computer games, virtual reality, augmented reality and 3D spatialized sound for location-based experiences.

Noise Distillery. Sound Like No Other.

A Spooktacular October

Halloween at Three Seas

We’re known to get spooky during October. From skeletons to cobwebs to decorated pumpkins, our offices are always festive. We welcome you all to visit and see for yourself, but BEWARE if you come without a costume on Halloween day, you’ll stick out like a vampire on a sunny beach. See for yourself.



Look Out for Pumpkins

Be sure to ‘like’ your favorite pumpkin on Facebook October 30 & 31 to help us crown the “Most Social” winner. Scroll for last year’s champs and click here for 2017 honorable mentions.

Best Character Creation & Most Silly Whimsical: “Cookie Monster” & “The Cookie Jar”:

Designed by Jamie (Business Manager) & Elisa (Accounting Assistant)


Best Carved: “Joan of Arc”

Designed by Emanuel (3D Artist/Designer)


Scary/Spooky: “Zombie Pumpkin”

Designed by Reagan (Business Development Strategist)

 Don’t miss out on #SpookWeek! Keep up with our offices this October and the festive months to come by following us on social media.

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Happy Halloween!

The Latest from Clean Cuts

Clean Cuts Logo


This fall has been an exciting time for Clean Cuts. Scroll down to check out our latest work.


Clean Cuts had the honor and pleasure of collaborating with Sanzaru Games for yet another top tier game, released in Summer 2018! It was a thrill recreating the iconic Marvel sounds for a cinematic immersive experience. If you don’t have an Oculus Rift headset, check out a gameplay trailer to experience a sliver of the excitement in MARVEL Powers United VR, available for purchase now at the Oculus Store.

Clean Cuts: Sound Design

It’s the return of the King! NBA 2K19 is back and better than ever! We were called upon again this year to collaborate with the 2K Audio team providing sound design and mix to the MyCareer Mode and the weekly 2KTV show.

Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

When Velocity brought us this Nitro Circus promo, we knew that Senior Audio Engineer Andrew Eppig was a match made in heaven for this project. No better engineer than our nationally ranked dirt bike riding champ to sound design this high-energy trailer! Check it out here. 

Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

“Never Say Never” with WWE 2K19. The Clean Cuts audio team joined forces with Visual Concepts and 2K Sports to bring you yet another amazing title this year! Step into the ring and show the world what you’re really made of. Pick up the Ric Flair “Wooooo!” edition and start playing today!

Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix


Our work with video games doesn’t stop here. We have more to come this November. Follow us on our social media accounts for instant updates.

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Clean Cuts. Sound Like You Mean It.

Behind the Scenes at Three Seas

main logo in color


With three offices in three different cities, there’s always a lot happening. Scroll down and have a look at some of the things our team has been up to over the last few months!

Roll ’em!

This spot is brought to you by Three Seas. When our employee ask for favors, we love to help them out especially when it’s a fun group like the DC Rollergirls! Producer Heidi Green rolls with this group of strong, fierce and competitive female athletes with a passion for roller derby. Cerebral Lounge provided the edit, graphics and color correction. The spot then rolled on over to Clean Cuts to add sound design, mix, a CCML track and record the VO.

Three Seas Sponsors Fall 2018 Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit


Pictured above Orlando Trott and Reagan Kolakowski.

Three Seas was proud to be a sponsor and have a table at the Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit Baltimore on September 27. Mike Gardner, EVP Business Strategy, introduced keynote speaker and author, Allen Gannett, and moderated the “Hiring and Retaining Specialized Marketing Talent” panel at the event. If you were there, we enjoyed meeting you and hope to see you there in the future. Next Summit is Spring 2019 in Washington, DC. Mark your calendars!

Three Seas Launches “Fresh Blood” Series on the Capitol Communicator

Three Seas is an official sponsor of Capitol Communicator, a weekly news source for communication professionals in the DC/Baltimore region. A recurring bi-weekly series, “Fresh Blood” profiles creative millennial talent in our area.

Whether you call them Pluralists, Neo-Digital Natives or the Job Hopping Generation, a new cohort of marketers is emerging and things will never be the same. We invited some of the area’s top millennials to give their thoughts on the future of the industry as their generation reaches maturity.

“Fresh Blood” recently featured Television Publicist Hayden Cox. He gives us a glimpse into his work for the True Crime team at Investigation Discovery and how a sudden break in a criminal investigation can turn the best laid PR plans on their head. To watch more from the series and stay up to date with the latest, head to Capitol Communicator‘s website.

Produced by Three Seas, a Capitol Communicator sponsor, a collective of creative boutiques with expertise in visual storytelling, creative strategy, sound and music.


Production:  Cerebral Lounge
Sound Design and Mix:  Clean Cuts
Creative Strategy:  The Gigawatt Group
Custom Music:  Noise Distillery

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

In September, our team headed to Nationals stadium to watch the Nats take on the Mets. Even though they didn’t come out on top, we still had a blast enjoying some brews with our colleagues.

This Fall at Cerebral Lounge

This fall has been an exciting time for Cerebral Lounge. Scroll down to check out our latest work.

We were thrilled to work with TLC and Marshalls on a branded entertainment vignette starring the oh so fabulous Monte from “Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta”.  Cerebral Lounge said ‘yes’ to the shoot, script, edit and color correction. CEO Lee Konen directed the spot and Clean Cuts handled sound design and mix.

PandaBlair and Defining Entertainment came to Cerebral Lounge to edit the latest series of spots for Capterra which taps into the frustrations of three fictional, yet very relatable office workers. Clean Cuts provided sound design and mix and in this case, also provided the VO talent with our very own Harry Evans.

Cerebral Lounge had the honor of celebrating humanity’s greatest adventure when we teamed up with our friends at National Geographic‘s kids book. This trailer for a new pop up book showcases fun and educational facts about the first moon landing. During this production, we used actual moon-landing footage and audio and paired it with pop up book footage we shot in our office. We had a stellar time with this project. Check it out for yourself and listen to Clean Cut’s out-of-this-world sound design.

Cerebral Lounge had a blast writing, illustrating and animating the most recent installment of Investigation Discovery‘s “Ludicrous Laws”; this time for Econo Lodge. Clean Cuts provided the sound design and mix. Enjoy watching, but be mindful of those spurs, cowboy. Yeehaw!

Cerebral Lounge. Bringing Your Stories To Life.

Gigawatt Group Takes on Burney Wealth Management

Image result for gigawatt group logo


Burney Company, an SEC established investment advisor company recently launched a wealth management brand and were looking for a branding agency to craft a brand architecture that resonates with their target audience, build out a visual identity that reflects the brand then apply this to collateral and a brand new website.


We began by identifying the attributes that collectively differentiated Burney in the market: independence from industry convention and original thinking, sophisticated in-house expertise, a true sense of trust and security and the promise of acting as truly invested partners. Building on a foundation of solid research and insights, we were then able to craft a robust brand architecture that articulated their value proposition while communicating a compelling brand story that leaves a lasting impression on their audience. We then pushed ahead with the development of a new logo, font, color scheme and other branded elements. Finally we built a full custom website from the ground up, with a backend tailored to suit their needs, a design that reflected their aesthetic and messaging that reflected their brand. We even produced an anthem video to feature on the homepage which reinforces their brand promise.


Building a brand experience from the ground up gave us an opportunity to play to our biggest strengths, which is crafting fully connected brands, then producing content, collateral and websites that reflect and enhance the brand identity.


Gigawatt Group. Clever together.

Recyclables Meet Foley

Clean Cuts Logo

At Clean Cuts, we’ve been getting trashy. Where some people see junk, we see an opportunity to create unique sounds. Watch and listen to how Isabella Ness transformed these recyclables into real-life sound effects. Can you guess what object was used to create them?


Credits. Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

Credits. Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

Clean Cuts. Sound Like You Mean It.

Knock, Knock. It’s Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels: A Gigawatt Group Case Study


Script, shoot, edit and deliver a 60-second spot that convinces one of the world’s biggest philanthropic organizations to invest in Meals on Wheels. In one week.


Mobilizing all of the capabilities of Three Seas in a moment’s notice, we were able to ideate and present four solid creative ideas to MOW. The same day, they signed off “House Down the Street”, a live action spot that uses sound design, color and copy to deliver a poignant message of hope and an emotive call to action.


We scripted and shot the piece in three days, then edited, mixed, color corrected and added graphics in just two days to deliver a day early and well within budget.

Gigawatt Group. Clever Together.

We’d Love for You to Meet Us

Let’s Celebrate!

Anchor Award

Let’s Welcome!

ALICIA CHRISTY, Accounting Manager/HR Administrator at Three Seas, Inc.
TRISTAN MEDJO, Sound Designer/Mixer at Clean Cuts
ELLIS KALER, Digital Designer at Gigawatt Group
SHANICE JARMON Account Director at Gigawatt Group

Let’s Congratulate!

IAN COREY for his new position: Associate Creative Director at Cerebral Lounge

Recent Events

During this AMADC event, Allen Gannett, CEO of TrackMaven and author of The Creative Curve, spoke about creativity and his book at Social Tables in Washington, DC. Did you know he recorded his audiobook in our studio and Three Seas created a promotional video for the event?
Ahoy! We kicked off our Three Seas brand by hosting a pirate-themed Spring party. From nautical decorations to augmented reality Snapchat filters, we had it all and it was a blast!
Owen Lang (Gigawatt  Group) and Paul Perret (Clean Cuts) participated in a Panel Discussion “Avoiding Podcast Pitfalls” moderated by Mike Gardner (Three Seas, not pictured) at the Capitol Communicator PR Summit held at the National Press Club, July 19th, 2018.

Join Us!

We will be attending upcoming events in the area. Add them to your calendar and meet our crew. We hope to see you there!

The Mid-Atlantic Marketing Summit on September 27th @ Pier 5 Hotel in Baltimore

The Latest from Cerebral Lounge

In the middle of a hot Summer, Cerebral Lounge has been working on some cool projects.  Check out what we’ve been doing over the last few months.

Our Work

Credits. Cerebral Lounge: Editorial & Motion Graphics; Clean Cuts: Voiceover Record & Mix

Credits. Cerebral Lounge: Editorial; Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

Credits. Cerebral Lounge: Editorial & Color Correction

Credits. Cerebral Lounge: Editorial & Color Correction; Noise Distillery: Custom Music; Clean Cuts: Sound Design & Mix

Cerebral Lounge. Bringing Your Stories To Life.