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NBA2K21 Launches with an Assist from Clean Cuts Interactive

We all know 2020 has been uniquely challenging. But for the Clean Cuts team, one thing that didn’t change was our relationship and collaboration with 2K and Visual Concepts. Right as the country was shutting down we once again worked closely with the Visual Concepts audio team to craft detailed and immersive sound design for NBA2K21. Having a solid team and long track record with 2K helped make the challenges of working in the “new normal” go all the more smoothly.

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Our team, led by Cory Foley-Marsello, rose to the challenge with cinematic sound design and mix for over 350 My Career cutscenes, as well as many other layers of audio that make the in stadium experiences come to life. Our aim was to create detailed and authentic audio as you guide Junior from High School in Newark to the NBA.

The team at Visual Concepts crafted the compelling story arc of stepping out of the shadow of a father’s legacy, and forging your own path. We strove to help tell this story through our audio work. The Clean Cuts team has continued to work with 2K for the hugely anticipated release of Generation 5 for the Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, which dropped on November 10th and 12th. Gen 5 offers incredible improvements, including backwards compatibility, shorter loading screen times, and heightened control for shooting, passing, and dribbling as well as new physics and added signature animations.

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We’ve learned that when the world becomes unpredictable, we can always count on our community and the work relationships we’ve built over years of collaboration. And, we’re so excited to have a new NBA2K to binge play at home!
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Hero Elementary

Hero Elementary Is Here to Save the Day!

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We are big believers in teamwork. It is a value that we at Cerebral Lounge strive to put at the core of everything we do. So, we were incredibly excited when our good friend, Marisa Nalevanko of PBS KIDS asked us to collaborate with her on the launch of their new multi-platform animated series, Hero Elementary!

Hero Elementary is an incredible school where superhero kids learn how to master their super powers in a supportive environment. They are taught to work together to help those in need and to also use the “SUPER POWERS OF SCIENCE” to solve problems.

Editor JP Hertel cut together a series of character teasers, series sells and additional video assets to introduce the audience to these amazing superheroes in training. Producer, Olya Dougherty and Assistant Editor, Caitlyn Green provided support along the way. Archie Moore, from our sister company Clean Cuts, handled the sound design and mix.

We are incredibly proud to help launch a series that celebrates teamwork, diversity, empathy and scientific observation and we hope it encourages kids to want to help the world around them.

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