Clean Cuts And Fast Cars

cover of Fastest Cars in the Dirty South

Clean Cuts is proud to have provided audio post services for MotorTrend’s new series “Fastest Cars in the Dirty South.”

Produced by Flying Scoop M&E, this series dives into the exciting world of grudge racing, a hot rod racing sport for big cash and even bigger engines.

Our engineers Jonathan MillerArchie Moore and resident motorhead Andrew Eppig spearheaded the final mixes often getting help with sound design, dialogue and music editing, backgrounds, and noise reduction from the rest of the team.

Keeping the sounds authentic throughout the series was important, so having Andrew on our team helped ensure that every engine note, tire screech, and gear shift was on point.

Collaboration with Flying Scoop M&E couldn’t have been easier. They set up offline suites in our Silver Spring office, where Cerebral Lounge’s Rob Brown was on hand for color correction.

Be sure to check out the exciting and gritty world of grudge racer Eric Malone, his partner Brant Arnold, and their Team 256 on demand through MotorTrend’s website or mobile app. The series will also be airing on MotorTrend’s cable network in November.


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