The Voyage Ahead for Three Seas

What is Three Seas? Our CEO, Lee Konen, sits down to reveal details of this exciting new phase in the development of our organization, and what it means for the future of our existing brands.

What is Three Seas?

Three Seas is a collective of four creative boutiques, each helping our clients deliver their message whether it be visually, audibly through sound or  music or strategically – helping to determine what message to say and who to say it to. In an effort to work more efficiently, creatively and collaboratively, we thought it was a good time to officially put all of our boutiques together as a collective under the parent company that’s been there since the beginning of Clean Cuts.

The biggest part of what Three Seas does is that regardless of who is delivering the project, our clients will always have the same point of contact. We hope that this approach will allow us to maintain the individuality of our boutiques within the collective, while giving clients an understanding of the deeper connectivity between all of our creative and strategic teams.

So we want to be able to have people come to the individual boutiques if that’s what they need, but be able to go through Three Seas if they need a more integrated approach to delivering their message.

What are your goals for Three Seas?

Our goal would be to continue to do really high end work and to really push what’s being done in Washington, DC. I think the DC/Baltimore markets are kind of overlooked for New York and LA, and we have a lot of great talent here, so I just want to see us be recognized nationally and globally for the great creative work that we do.

We are proud of the work we’ve done over the years. But we are working in an industry that is constantly changing, and we need to evolve to meet these new challenges. These days, our clients are looking for more than just great audio or great editing, but holistic solutions that require expertise in strategy, social media and digital integration. They are looking for creative that lives not just on screen but in 3D, VR and AR, and music that can be customized and used for multiple projects. We think that through Three Seas, we have a collective of expert boutique creative companies that can rise to meet any challenge.

Is there anything else you’d like to say about Three Seas to talk about in the opening of our newsletter?

The important thing is that we started to roll it out that I want to make sure is obvious to people is its not changing. The brands aren’t going away; the other brands are just as important or more important than they’ve ever been. The idea of Three Seas isn’t to make it the star, it really is to help be the the boat that lifts them up and makes them the stars, and that shows off what they are. But then it all ties it together, so that when there is a need to have a bigger project, we have the infrastructure in place to provide all of those expert services to the project.